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Payday Loans It

December 11th, 2013


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Walls began to shake

November 20th, 2013

On the 21st of July, 365, after initial tremors discernible only to animals, a major seismic pulse struck Kourion just after dawn, when most people were still abed. Walls began to shake and some roofs collapsed. Glassware and pottery on tables and shelves teetered and fell. People jarred awake during this four-second episode had only time to reach “It’s nice to see the city live again,” said Cypriot digger Elpenike Andonion, holding bits of a human skeleton she discovered. The team includes Americans, Britons, Portuguese, French, and Italians. Jokes the author, “No one speaks the other’s language well enough to get on one another’s nerves.”

Kourion earthquake

Had this been the only wave to strike Kour­ion, the loss of life would not have been so high. But a second wave of much greater in­tensity followed immediately. It struck with deadly force. The modified Mercalli scale, which seismologists use to gauge earthquake severity by observing displacement of objects and terrain, assigns the figure XII to the high­est level of devastation. On the Mercalli, the blast that now hit Kourion was estimated by the team at IX or X.


The violently shaking ground disoriented residents, and coordinated movement became impossible. Some walls collapsed while other walls seemed to explode. Objects caromed around the rooms, ricocheting off walls and felling individuals.


In the Daniel house a block from the ceiling struck our 19-year-old mother, snapping her neck like a twig. A doorway collapsed on the laborer, while the mule in the stable flailed about, trapping Camelia. Other victims curled in the fetal position, only to be crushed or suffocated by thousands of pounds of rock and roof tile.


Reuben Bullard described the ground as “a mass of quivering Jell-O.” Terry Wallace lik­ened the experience to “being underwater in the dark with no frame of reference.”


The violence of the second wave that doomed the city lasted perhaps ten seconds, a very long time to be imprisoned in rooms that shake violently while objects bombard you and walls and ceilings are caving in.


Then a third wave struck, lasting about five seconds. But by now most of the people in the Daniel house and in the rest of the city were dy­ing or already dead under tons of rubble.

We estimate that at least 500 people died in the Kourion area, but the toll in all of south­west Cyprus was perhaps in the thousands. The quake probably affected much of the coast from Kourion to Paphos, some 30 miles west.


One must also take account of the enormous tsunami that spread from the offshore epi­center and traveled hundreds of miles to strike coastal areas such as Alexandria and the southern Peloponnesus of Greece. The sea wave would have engulfed the harbor of Kourion about 200 seconds after the primary ground wave damaged the house.


For the doomed family of the Daniel house the situation had been aggravated by a mas­sive building towering above it on a small hill. When this building crumpled, it show­ered huge blocks of limestone onto the north end of the house, precisely where the family of three were huddling. They had no chance.


What was this building? In 1934 Daniel had uncovered three massive, elaborately worked cornice blocks appropriate for a community structure of obvious significance. As we exca­vated, more and more garishly painted blocks appeared: cornice pieces, cluster columns, broken pediments, arched moldings.


Traces of a two-story facade emerged, open­ing onto a large open space that yielded abun­dant animal bones, some of which showed indications of butchering. There were the bones of cattle, pigs, chickens, ducks, fish, and birds as well as of sheep or goats — virtual­ly impossible to distinguish. We also found the bones of rabbits and hares, including one vari­ety that may have weighed 40 pounds.


Smallish rooms gave the impression of live-in shops, especially on the lower southeast side where two almost identical rooms faced the courtyard. I visualized an ornate market building with open-air stalls in front.


We counted some 32,000 fragments of wall fresco, some brightly painted. As we brushed and cataloged the pieces, it became evident that the market patrons had done what people still do everywhere—they scratched graffiti.


In this first significant cache of graffiti dis­covered on Cyprus, one artist awkwardly sketched a lady with a flower. Another drew an amateurish portrait. But most seemed to delight in scrawling Greek phrases, which became the special study of Holt Parker of the University of Arizona. Are you already a student? Learn how to simplify your finances via consolidation. Check out how can you consolidate federal student loans.


On one white fresco a believer scratched: “0 Jesus . . .” with the message broken off until it ended, “of Chr[ist].” A less skilled scrawler, possibly a child, practiced the Greek alphabet with shaky hand. Demetria, Eutyches, Sozomenos, and other citizens wrote their names.


What’s the alternative?

October 1st, 2013

In the future if you go to a herbalist you will know the quality of their training and work practice will be governed by an act of parliament in a similar way to chiropractics, osteopaths and chiropodists. This also means that nobody can use these definitions unless they are members of such a regulatory body. This is why these days you may find your favourite chiropodist no longer calls themselves that but uses expressions such as ‘foot therapist’ or ‘foot treatment specialist’. However, the government has, at the same time, decided that acupuncturists do not offer such a threat to public safety (herbs can kill) and so they will continue as usual to be members of organisations such as the BCMA. So a bit of good news from the current government which is a light in the gloom of the nation’s financial difficulties.

you go to a herbalist you will know the quality of their training and work practice

I sampled a taster of the wonderfully soothing Oceanic Massage during a recent visit to holistic therapist Deirdre Gough’s practice in south London. What sets this apart from other massages is the fact that it combines a swathe of techniques from no hands massage to tachyon cocoon. Deep tissue massage, Taoist breathing techniques and violet fire energy work.


Laying on a heated couch and cocooned in pillows and soft towels, my treatment began with an application of coconut oil followed by a combination of different massage techniques. Long, sweeping movements using the forearms and gentle stretching techniques flowed together like a choreographed dance. This is where the therapy gets its name ­from the flowing movements that feel like ocean waves. Rocking motions and simultaneous massage of areas of my body (foot and leg or hip and shoulder) lulled me into a pleasant haze. Deeper pressure around my neck, back and shoulders helped to loosen my stiff and tight muscles, like knots gradually being unravelled.

Deeper pressure around my neck, back and shoulders helped to loosen my stiff and tight muscles

The treatment was rounded off with some violet fire energy work, which is said to banish negativity. Violet is the colour of meditation, and the effect was certainly blissful and calming.


I can highly recommend a visit to Deirdre as you will leave feeling invigorated and ready to face the world again!


Start praying


The next time someone jumps the queue, takes your seat or cuts you up on a roundabout, try saying a little prayer for them. A study has recently revealed the act can calm you down and change the way you think about the negative situation. The researchers claim the benefits don’t rely on the divine so you can try this out whatever your religious affiliation!

1983 Lineup of TV Specials

September 22nd, 2013

For the first time your Society has coordi­nated a multimedia treatment of these com­plicated subjects. Next April 6 Dr. Ballard will take television viewers to some of the most tectonically active spots in the world, in “Born of Fire,” one of four National Geo­graphic TV Specials for 1983. As in the past seven years of close association with the Society, the Gulf Oil Corporation has underwritten this award-winning series on Public Television. The documentaries are coproduced by the Soci­ety and WQED/Pittsburgh.

3The series begins January 12 with “Rain Forest.” Filmed entirely in Costa Rica by cinematographers David and Carol Hughes, the program shows the workings of the rain forest’s intricate ecosystem with its richly varied species of life—like the extraordinary lizard known as the basilisk that literally runs across the surface of water. On February 9 we shall see “Australia’s Animal Mysteries,” showing the lives of such improbable creatures as the platypus, the koala, and the baffling gastric-brooding frog, whose young actually move up from the mother’s stomach to emerge from her mouth at birth.

“Save the Panda” will be the title of our March 9 telecast. It portrays a joint research program of the World Wildlife Fund and Chinese government, in which Dr. George Schaller of the New York Zoological Society studies pandas in the wild as well as prob­lems of breeding them in captivity.

New Atlas Portrays Ancient World

One of our most dramatic projects for 1983 will be the publication of a National Geographic illustrated cultural atlas of the ancient world, Peoples and Places of the Past. As a companion to our popular geo­graphic Atlas of the World, this new publica­tion will contain more than 100 new maps and 1,000 illustrations.

Nothing like this volume has ever before been published. Nearly 20 artists were com­missioned for this great graphic history, stretching from the migrations of early man to about A. n. 1500. Here are the tides of his­tory—the Indus Valley, China, Egypt, the classical world, the early Americas. I ven­ture that one painting alone—a cross section of life in a castle—could occupy an interest­ed reader for hours. When the editors learned of new Viking discoveries, they called Norway to secure photographs of the important artifacts. The latest Aztec and Greek finds also appear here; museums throughout the world have helped us update the distant past. Peoples and Places of the Past, I predict, will rank with the most in­formative, beautiful, and popular publica­tions we have ever offered.

In each Society endeavor, technology plays its part, not only in our educational role but also in making the most of Society resources. Without new electronic tech­niques, our dues would have to be much higher, or we would be unable to fund 2.5 million dollars annually for research and ex­ploration. Our accounting systems have been completely modernized. A new head­quarters building—financed entirely by re­serves set aside for this purpose during the past 15 years—will bring all headquarters employees efficiently together again.

We are planning the use of laser video­discs for storage and retrieval of informa­tion. We are also studying the uses of cable television and satellite broadcasting. For in our continuing quest for geographic knowl­edge and in its dissemination, not even the sky will be our limit. The money isn’t the only reason so many top people are going to Saudi Arabia with ARAMCO. As great as the money is, it is the travel opportunities, the challenge, and the casual lifestyle in familiar hometown neighborhoods that make Aramco people stay on.

Aramco employees in Saudi Arabia have travel opportuni­ties  from Dsavenue that most people only see in daydreams. They get 40 days’ paid vacation every year in the serviced apartments madrid. And in Saudi Arabia they are already halfway to wonderful places in Europe, Asia and Africa. Equally as important as money and travel are the challenging jobs and secure, comfortable living conditions.

Aramco is the world’s largest oil-producing company. Our proj­ects and operations are huge, com­plex and professionally rewarding. Many are the largest of their kind ever undertaken. We need more first-rate people to join the over 5,000 North Amer­icans who work for us. North Americans and Saudi Arabs have worked together for over 40 years. Since the early 1930′s, North Americans have worked very closely and successfully with their Saudi hosts in developing the energy resources and infra­structure of this friendly, conserva­tive nation.

These North Americans live in a foreign country, yet they still find it a very comfortable place to live and work. The homes, neighbor­ hoods, schools, medical services and recreation facilities have a hometown feeling that has prompted a long line of Aramco professionals to stay on and on.

What kind of compensation package accompanies all this? Aramco employees earn a compet­itive base salary, plus a cost-of­living differential. They also get an expatriate premium of 40 percent on the first $30,000 of base salary and 20 percent premium on the next $20,000, plus a one-time bonus of up to $5,000, for signing up for overseas work.

Challenging opportunities

If you are a degreed engineer with at least ten years’ experience in the petrochemical industry, send your résumé to Aramco Services Com­pany, Z2078-2, P.O. Box 53607, Houston, Texas 77052.

Following Your Team – Great Sports Travel Around The World

April 1st, 2013

There is perhaps no better way to express your passion for your chosen sports team than to travel and see them perform abroad. Not only is this a great opportunity to cheer them on against foreign opposition, but it is also a chance to combine your passion for sports with a passion for travel.

cricket stadiumPeople travel for all sorts of reasons   to see the world, to visit family, to educate themselves or just to get away from it all. However, one of the most exciting reasons to travel is to witness sport. Whether you support a domestic football team playing in the Champions League, or the British and Irish Lions taking their inimitable brand of rugby to the classic opponents across the world, sports travel is a uniquely memorable experience. However, these trips do not need to be sports-exclusive; the big match might be the main reason for the visit but it gives you plenty of excuses to explore the local area, engage with the customs and sample some of the traditional culture. There are many sports that lend themselves particularly well to international travel.


Rugby is a fantastic sport for travel, whether you fancy a trip within the British Isles, a jaunt over to the European continent or a real globetrotting experience. The Six Nations Tournament is a fantastic excuse for some more short-haul trips. The participating countries are England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy and with matches usually held in their respective capitals, these clashes have an unparalleled atmosphere and offer a chance to explore some of Europe’s most exciting major cities. Further afield, rugby is a sport enjoyed in South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, to name but three and the Rugby World Cup or the British and Irish Lions offer a chance to see what the world has to offer in terms of the game and the atmosphere surrounding it.

Cricket is a sport with its roots deep in English history but is now enjoyed in many former outposts of the British Empire, dotted around the globe. As with rugby, Australia is one of the most prominent and the Ashes series is a tournament which pits the original cricketing nation against one of its most successful export destinations in perhaps the world’s oldest international sporting rivalry. Not only is this a chance to see some of the most interesting cities down under but it is also an opportunity to be a part of an incredible sporting event. Other old colonies which have taken cricket to their heart include India, Pakistan and the West Indies; each of which have plenty to offer as general travel destinations, even without the cricket.


Overall, travelling to follow sport is a unique adventure that should be memorable for all the right reasons. From the Ashes to Six Nations clashes, professional sports tour companies are often the best way to travel; they take the stress out of arranging transport and accommodation and often include game tickets and exclusive bonuses too.

Martin George writes regularly on cricket and rugby tours for several sports travel websites and blogs. He has witnessed more Ashes series than he cares to remember and certainly knows an awful lot about travelling abroad to follow a passion for sport.

Tips and advice for those taking a canal boat holiday

March 14th, 2013

If you’re in search of a peaceful, affordable and truly relaxing holiday, there’s nothing quite like a canal boat break. Gliding past green, quiet countryside as the sun beats down, sipping on a glass of wine as it sets   nothing compares to the tranquillity of a canal holiday.

canal boat break


Many people find themselves a bit flummoxed when it comes to packing for a canal boat holiday. The main thing to remember is to pack lightly   whilst canal boats are beautiful and a pleasure to sail on, they are not the most spacious of vessels and as such, you will need to be strict with yourself when it comes to selecting supplies, as storage will be quite limited. Regardless of the forecast, always bring along a large bottle of sunblock, as well as a wide brimmed hat and some sunglasses. You will most likely be spending a great deal of your time outside and the last thing you want to deal with on a holiday is sunburn   not only it is painful, but it’s also very dangerous.

moonbeam1In addition to this, bring along a few board games, a good book, a raincoat (in case the weather takes a turn for the worst) and an extra towel, in case you decide to take a dip. Depending on the boat company you choose, other items such as bicycles, a television, fishing rods and tackle may be included in the price of renting the boat, although there are some companies which charge extra for these.

Respecting the river and other boat users:

In order to ensure that your holiday is both safe and enjoyable, it’s important to be considerate towards other boats on the river and to operate the boat safely. Make sure to moor only at suitable stops and always keep to the right side of the river whilst the boat is moving.

canal boat break

In addition to respecting other boat users, it’s also important that you respect the river and of course, the elements. All boating companies will provide life jackets   make sure that anyone on board who is under the age of twelve, or is not a strong swimmer, wears a life jacket when sitting or standing close to the edge of the boat. If the worst should happen and one of the passengers on board falls into the water, the first thing which you must do is to cut the engine and then get them out of the water straight away. Keep in mind that even if you are a good swimmer and decide to take a dip, the river currents can be as unpredictable as those found in the ocean, so swim carefully and get back on board if the weather gets bad.

Lastly, remember that the power supply for a canal boat will be limited and as such, power should be used as sparingly as possible. Try not to leave appliances or gadgets plugged in for too long and bear in mind that the engine will need to be running for about five to six hours every day.

Emma Sinclair writes regularly for a wide range of boating and travel publications and blogs. She often visits websites like for inspiration for her work.

The city Made With Dreams and Music

January 2nd, 2013

Vienna, the largest city and capital of Austria has a reputation as the city of dreams, as it was the place where the world famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud lived. The atmosphere of the city is still filled with divine music that has been created by the great musicians such as Mozart and Beethoven. Thus the people of Vienna claim that the life into this city has been injected with dreams and music. It is true to some extent also.


We wanted to enjoy that divine atmosphere too when we planned for a holiday trip and that is the reason for my wife to insist on this city as our destination. It is one of the major cities in the European Union and many major airlines in the world such as Korean Airways, Air Canada etc are operating flights to Vienna. There are many small players who are operating cheap airlines flights to this city. Hence getting cheap tickets is not a problem in this sector.

Whenever you are going for a family trip, it is always better to go for the cheap tickets. It will help you to save a lot of money which you can spend for other enjoyments at the destination. We too were not different. We reached there in one of the cheap flights to Vienna. As mentioned earlier, the atmosphere there is quite positive for the growth of art and other cultural activities. However, the art is not limited to music here. It has a long tradition in drama and other theatrical arts too. Even now there are many theaters such as Burg Theater; Volks Theater etc catering to the needs of the visitors. Many people from all over the world visit this city regularly to witness the performances of talented artists here. After the introduction of cheap tickets to Vienna by many airlines, number of such visitors has increased in the recent past.

There are several museums also in the city which spread light into the rich heritage. Schatzkammer, which holds a treasure of Imperial jewelry of Habsburg dynasty, is attracting many visitors from all around the world. There are many other museums which take you for a journey through the history of the city as well as the region. Another attraction is the architecture. There are many buildings in the city which displays the rich heritage in architecture. It starts from the classical architecture to the modern ones.

Apart from a city that attracts you with its heritage in art and culture; it is an important destination for diplomats too. The city houses many international organizations such as United Nations and OPEC. The presence of such international organizations is also another reason for large number of people visiting the city more frequently.

We had a great time there. Still we are not satisfied. Actually, nobody will get satisfied even after a number of visits too. That is the specialty of the atmosphere here. The atmosphere itself will make you more romantic with the strong presence of the divine music.

Choosing Amazing Guided Tours For The Best Vacation Ever

October 15th, 2012

Tours help you see the country without requiring you to make dozens of different reservations. Learn about the best tours America has to offer and how to choose from them. There are tours available for people of all ages and backgrounds.

Guided tours help you see the best sights in every part of the country. Your tour guide will give you interesting facts and information on the historical background of each place you visit. There’s no need to stress about where to go and what to do when you purchase a complete tour package. If you want to see more of the beauty of North America, consider a tour for your next vacation. You can find walking tours in the cities you want to visit, or take a bus tour to see dozens of locations without having to rent a car or get on a plane.

row adventures

Exploring The Wildest Rivers in America
If you need a tour that will keep the entire family happy, consider booking seats on a river tour. ROW Adventures offers a tour that allows you to see more than 100 miles of wilderness as you travel down the Salmon River of Idaho. You and your children can explore natural hot springs, pioneer camps and extensive trails for hiking and biking.

Grand Teton National Park

See The Nation’s Best National Parks in a New Light
Anyone can visit the Grand Tetons or Yellowstone without a tour group. However, choosing a tour with plenty of skilled leaders will maximize what you see and do while you are there. Tauck’s American Safari event is a full eight days of adventure. You will see plenty of animals in their natural habitat. Watch wolves and bears hunting for food from a breathtaking vantage point. This tour works best for active individuals and couples. You will hike, bike and travel down the waterways of both amazing national parks.

Camp With the Majestic Bighorn Sheep
Adventurous vacationers who need to let off some steam will love backpacking in Canada’s Willmore Wilderness area. A guided tour will take you to the top of 10,000-foot peaks and through lush valleys, which are home to bears, elk and other majestic creatures. Sierra Club offers an affordable 12-day outing that limits each tour group to just 18 people.

Liberty Bell

Tour The Country’s Most Important Cities
A bus tour is the best choice for holidays for singles over 50s. If you have never seen the Liberty Bell or the Constitution, pick a historical tour that helps you see the cities that have shaped America. Look for a tour that includes stops in Philadelphia, Washington D.C. and cities in Massachusetts like Salem and Concord. You can also choose a tour of Civil War sites or an exploration of the cities settled first during the expansion of the West.

Anyone can find a tour in America that offers their favorite activities. Stay active and busy while admiring the beauty of the wilderness, or explore the historical sections of the country’s biggest city. You can even find tours catering to singles or people of a certain age. Make the most of your vacation and spend less time on planning by choosing a complete tour package.

Shannen Doherty is a professional writer who covers the best holidays for singles over 50s and other travel topics for a wide range of vacation websites and blogs. She has been helping families choose vacation destinations for years.

15 Ways To Experience Sydney On Budget

July 26th, 2012

Given Sydney’s magnificent man-made wonders, vibrancy, culture and food, it’s no surprise that it’s the most visited city in Australia. However, if you’re traveling Sydney on a budget, you might feel you’re not getting the best out of your time at Sydney. That’s why you need to take a look at our 15 seasoned tips on how to enjoy what this spectacular city has to offer while on your budget.

Food And Drink

1. Follow Up On Deals And Special Offers

Use sites such as Groupon to look for coupons and special offers from major Sydney restaurants. Plan your nights out, purchase coupons in advance and shave several dollars from your budget.

2. Hit Wholesale And Farmer’s Markets

Head over to the wholesale Sydney Fish Market on Darling Harbor for fresh and cheap seafood stalls and eateries. Visit Sydney’s weekend markets to stock up on fresh farm products so you can fix most of your meals yourself.

Sydney Fish Market on Darling Harbor

3. Look Up Cheap Snack Options

Look up brekky deals for AUD 5 at bakeries and cafes. Opt to take out your drink and snack instead of eating in for a discount. Buy snacks from Circular Quay food shacks for $4 and from Asian grocers in the Inner West suburbs and Chinatown.

4. Look Up $ 10 Deals

Look up $ 10 meal steals such as Plan B, Surry Hills’ Bodega Café, and in the 60 food courts and restaurants of Chinatown. Check out similar deals at Marigold Citymark in Haymarket’s George Street, Glebe Hotel, Cheers on George Street and Big Bite Sydney.

5. Look Up Cheap Drink Options

Avoid peak times and hit the bars before 7 P.M. and between 9:30pm to 2am to avoid paying $20 for a drink. You can get cheap drinks at the downtown Mars Lounge, Sanctuary Hotel and Tokio Hotel on Darling Harbor.

Entertainment And Shopping Options

1. Travel During The Off-Peak Season

Summertime (November through February) is peak tourist season and hotels, airfare, food, attractions are more expensive. It’s best to visit the city during other months if you want to save money.

2. List Free Sights

The best attractions of Sydney are to enjoy such as all beaches, beach walks (Bondi to Coogee), the Royal Botanical Gardens, Darling Harbor, the Australian Maritime Museum and much more.

royal botanical gardens sydney

3. Look Up Free Entertainment Options

Look up free exhibition dates at Sydney’s various cultural hubs such as the NSW’s Art Gallery. Check out free outdoor events along Darling Harbor. Look for free annual events like Australia Day concerts, fireworks and Jazz festivals during your visit.

4. Look For Cheap Shopping Options

Visit Paddy’s Markets at Darling Harbor, Birkenhead Point in Drummoyne and Hot Dollar at the Bondi Junction for cheap clothes and souvenirs. Don’t forget to check out the Sydney weekend markets.

5. Enjoy great things at low rates

Watch shows at the Opera House for $35 per person. Listen to a performance by Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Conductors Series for $15. Go to the movies on Tuesdays when you pay only half price.

Accommodation Options

1. Check Out Serviced Apartments

Serviced apartments offer living quarters, laundry facilities and a kitchen; you’ll be totally self-contained. Look for centrally located apartments and save on commute fare.

2. Check Out Other Cheap Stays

Troll sites such as for mid-range accommodations at relatively low rates. Explore Sydney’s low-cost hostels on

Wesley College sydney

3. Stay At Cheap Hotels On The Outskirts

The Australian Heritage Hotel in the Rocks charges $69 for a room, and it is $74 for a room at the Macleay Lodge in Potts Point. St Marks Lodge in Randwick and Hotel 59 in Rushcutters Bay charge $88.

4. Stay At Universities

Sydney universities, such as Wesley College and St John’s College offer rooms for $65 along with complimentary breakfast. Enjoy their sprawling complexes, pools, gardens and lawns.

5. Cheap Commute Options

Buy cheap passes from the Monorail and Light Rail and get some cool discount coupons. Get the Sydney DayTripper ferry ticket (works also for suburban CityRail trains). Always buy return trip tickets for single rides. A My10 bus pass gets you five round trips or 10 free bus rides a day. Use the free 555 bus CBD shuttle whenever you get it.

Adrenaline writer Ronny has been contributing guest posts on travel and adventure topics since she went on her first tandem sky diving experience

How to impress your spouse with a low budget weekend celebration?

July 23rd, 2012

It is a unique and original idea to partake in the organisation of your spouse’s pre wedding celebration. Usually stag weekends provide the opportunity for the future husband and wife to let loose and go wild with their friends separately, whilst the other half wonders what each of them are getting up to. But if you take the effort to organise a special surprise it is a great way of showing you care and that you love your partner, of course without being too intrusive of their stag plans. It will certainly put an even bigger smile on their face before the big day. This article will provide you with some great low budget weekend celebration ideas.

Let’s face it; most stag weekends entail getting drunk to a certain extent. So wherever your other half is going for their weekend away you could ring up the hotel and organise for a bottle of champagne to be left in the room upon your fiance’s arrival. You can leave a personal note alongside it telling them to enjoy their night, to have fun and that of course you love them. Obviously you do not necessarily have to leave champagne, you can leave whatever you think your partner would most appreciate; a crate of beer, bottles of wine, a box of chocolates etc.

champagne hotel

Another great idea to surprise your partner on their weekend away is to have a limo waiting outside the hotel (or wherever they are staying) to drive them around on their night out. Limo’s are considered quite old school now and thus it is the perfect gesture on a night where your other half is assured to be with some of their oldest and dearest friends. To cut the costs of hiring a limo, it is a good idea to have it merely drop them off at their first destination on the wild evening ahead.

In addition to this, you could surprise your partner and their friends at the club they are planning to go to by arranging VIP entrance. They will most likely get to enjoy their evening in the best spot in the club with a selection of complimentary drinks. This is guaranteed to be a hit with your fiance and his or her friends and will certainly put you in their good books.


Furthermore, if your partner has planned a wild night out rather than a stag weekend away, secretly organise him or her one. Obviously you will need to speak to all of their friends to organise the occasion and ensure that they can all spare an extra night and day. Spending a weekend away does not have to be expensive. All you have to do is search on the internet for cheap deals, this is made easier by the help of price comparison websites these days. Try to find a good balance between quality and cost effectiveness. And remember it is a good idea to pick somewhere that your partner has never been to before as you ensure it is something new and exciting and thus will be a memory they will always cherish.


If you pick one of the suggestions mentioned in this article then I am sure you will be able to provide your partner with a touching surprise on their stag weekend.